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About Me

Bear Track Wood Works

I’ve been working with wood for about 20 years now, making small pieces of furniture, bandsaw boxes, and some wood carving. I have always wanted to turn, but for some reason was totally intimidated. I broke my ankle in January of 2019 and was laid up for several months, which I spent binge watching turning videos on YouTube. By the time I could get back on my feet I had purchased a midi-lathe and was ready to hit the ground running and I haven’t looked back. In fact, you’re hard pressed to get me out of the shop these days.

I have since started my own YouTube channel to chronicle this journey – I hope you’ll subscribe and follow along.



About Bear Track Studios

Bear Track Studios, LLC is a small business I operate with two other artists.

Marie Rust is a wildlife artist working with colored pencil, watercolor pencil, graphite, and ink.


About Bear Track Press

Lori Taylor is an author, illustrator, and book maker extraordinaire, in addition to being a fine artist. 

Her children’s books, including the popular Holly Wild series, are available from www.beartrackpress.com or www.loritaylorart.com

You can watch her create amazing book art on her YouTube channel 

Book Arts With Lori Taylor